Yesterday, at work

Me:What do you think is worse: Booboo killing Yogi Bear or Yogi Bear being killed by a polar bear? (context here: Because of the goddam climate change they will end up in Yogi Bear's forest and bit the shit out of him?
John:Well a few things, Booboo is not real. and also if the white ones mate with the brown ones maybe they will learn to live along side one another with a certain tolerance
Me:hmmm, since you are meant to be lead artist here - and on colors especially: a white and a brown one together, what color would be their babies? Light brown?
John:depends on the dominate genes
Me:Brownish off white?... John, you are being too technical
Me:would they be stripped you think? Or with spots?
John:they will be a weak coffee color with milk
Me:Dots? I would prefer stripped
Me:That would make you even more dizzy darling
John:true. If I were running from a fucking spotted bear I may as well be dizzy
Me:when I read this conversation again I am just like: where the F*** did I come up with the idea of bears being stripped?