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The last one date

Today is a special day in the story of my life: 4 years ago today, I went sailing in the New York harbor with a guy I had met only once, 4 weeks before and by the end of that sailing trip, I decided it would not be our last date. Luckily for me, he had come to the same conclusion (note: 4 hours solid on a boat with someone you don't know can understandably raise anxiety in some individuals, but one has to take risks if you ask me - and the New York harbor's view from a sailboat is well worth it ;).

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When flipping through a fairy tale book, one may realize fairly quickly that young girls are taught from an early age that one day, a beautiful prince will come and take them to far-away land where flowers talk to dragonflies and where there is no need for washing machine and where their hair is always perfectly done - even when it rains (but it never rains). The funny bit about this all is that it is meant to happen on the back of a white horse.

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