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The last one date

Today is a special day in the story of my life: 4 years ago today, I went sailing in the New York harbor with a guy I had met only once, 4 weeks before and by the end of that sailing trip, I decided it would not be our last date. Luckily for me, he had come to the same conclusion (note: 4 hours solid on a boat with someone you don't know can understandably raise anxiety in some individuals, but one has to take risks if you ask me - and the New York harbor's view from a sailboat is well worth it ;).

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13 Tips for eloping in the city you live in

My husband and I have both left Germany and France, our respective countries over 10 years ago. So when we decided to get married earlier this year, it was rather obvious to us to tie the knot in the city we met and call home: Brooklyn. Besides, between our two countries, picking one over the other would have been a fairly political decision that would not have been fair on any family.

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Same, same, but different.

Most decisions will affect our lives, short or long term - on the latter: picking a subject at university, doing one more year of studying, accepting a first job, starting a family etc. Interestingly enough, in my early twenties, I was probably not mature enough to measure all the consequences of these important decisions and at times, made rather poor choices - and if not poor, irrationalBut out of all those decisions, I made an unusual one, compared to most of my counterparts back then: I decided to leave Paris and move to London. Yesterday was actually the 10th anniversary of that move - the 10th anniversary of what I consider being the best decision I ever made. 

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