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The last one date

Today is a special day in the story of my life: 4 years ago today, I went sailing in the New York harbor with a guy I had met only once, 4 weeks before and by the end of that sailing trip, I decided it would not be our last date. Luckily for me, he had come to the same conclusion (note: 4 hours solid on a boat with someone you don't know can understandably raise anxiety in some individuals, but one has to take risks if you ask me - and the New York harbor's view from a sailboat is well worth it ;).

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Hard or soft

Quick note about an on-going debate that I find - as a non-native English speaker - rather fascinating and questioning: the whole gif or gif pronunciation debate (with soft or hard G).

Not being bilingual, I obviously searched the sources of pronunciation rules and guidelines in English and it seems that the logical pronunciation should be the 'soft' one, to mirror words such as ginger, or giraffe. But then, what about give, geek, gum or graphic, first word of this acronym? It seems that utilizing the hard G when the letter in question comes prior a vowel is a heritage of the German language - the verb give coming from the German term geben.  Fair enough.

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Where are my keys?

Being deeply interested by what happens in a human being’s brain, I recently came across an interesting one: what part of the brain actually does know where each letter is when typing a message on a computer? In other words: where is the key-feature stored amongst our mess of grey cells? No need to follow any kind of training, the daily usage of computers nowadays makes our generation able to have a rather intuitive understanding of how to write and type on a computer keyboard so one knows without really knowing how where each key is and to what letter this corresponds to.

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