The way I see

About photography, as you might guess.

Everyone agree to give credit to the old print photography technique saying that back in the days, photographers really had talents and were real artists.

I am not going to say this is not true as nowadays with digital photography, anyone can claim being a photographer. On top of that, anyone with a tiny bit of knowledge in computing can use a retouching software to make up -not necessarily really well by the way- something that was badly done. And I am not going to pretend I never did it myself as it would be just a lie.

I am not preaching as it would just be pathetic.
But giving my point of view about it as it seems to question some people I know.

Cause whatever is the sort of camera you are using (apart from an all automatic), you can know your gears as much as you want, set it all up in the most clever way to get the best of the situation, people, light and movements… You can cheat, lie when balancing the whites, the number of ISO required, use a flash… You can do all of that if you want… There will always be something that you won’t be able to manage at all.

This is this split second when the light is touching the lens (either getting printed on the film or getting transformed into 0-1 sequences, it does not matter), while you actually cannot see what is going on, when you cannot forecast the picture you will obtain because he/she/it has just moved or blinked or the light has changed or you just have been moving yourself…

And this is for this tiny moment that photographers -whatever their technique might be- can be described as artists (and for many other reasons that I cannot all enumerate here - and don’t get me wrong, I am not including myself at any point). As long as they can be able to give up on their own vanity to admit there are things they cannot control. And just leave a bit of magic happens. This strange alchemy still running somehow in this technique that has been rather chemical for a long while…

I did not write this post on purpose but the documentary about Annie Leibovitz has been released this week and I am going to watch it this weekend no matter how controversial have been the critics about it. I actually reckon the last sentence of this trailer drafts really well a certain idea of what can be a photographer’s life…

“This is just a life looking through… A lens…”