Nosy stuff

Your perfume transports me in some other time and place, and has always been - it follows me wherever I go. I will always love nesting my face between the beginning of your neck and the end of your shoulder. Tickling sensation. Timeproof trademark for a childish game, I know.

Yesterday I blindly followed someone in the subway - unconsciously — it turns out he was looking like you a little when I finally realised what I was doing. The same grain of skin, the same hair, the same laughing eyes - but what made me start was his perfume indeed… Same as yours - I felt like a cub really.

I missed that this morning, when I heard your voice mumbling a little. I love the way you speak you know… When you hesitate and look for your words for ever - getting yourself lost in your train of thoughts. Loosing me in the meantime - I am not sure you ever realised it actually. You always got hold of me at the very last minute anyway - to get me back on the right track. And God knows how fragile my balance is… I surely have labyrinthitis troubles. Ear problems seem to be common around us. We never listen to each others really, do we?