No headline on that one, the English language does not have any gender. I have to admit that after struggling with the 3 German has on offer, I felt quite happy not having to deal with it any longer when I took up on English a few years after. I also felt relieved that I will never have to learn French as the gender of words is pure randomness. Although I have to confess that I find foreigners being concerned or amused by this rather strange feature quite funny and the fear to be mistaking deadly cute (on top of any English or American accent). As indeed, no rule, no logic involved.

Anyway, after a few years spent in English speaking countries, I got often told that my way of giving genders to items and concepts in English sounds rather interesting. Making some people think that I have particular accointances with mice or bananas while always referring to them as “she” - or clarifying while saying a French word whether it is a girl or a boy.

Oddly enough, some words have a gender in English - even if it tends to disappear: ships, planets and countries, cars, and some machines - apparently. While looking into this, it sounds rather interesting that female gender is actually given to items that are mostly interesting for men - as if these sorts of things getting males’ attentions deserved to get a gender fancied by the majority.

Other interesting fact, if you refer to a concept like God(I attended mass last week for the first time in English - for a gospel, don’t get me wrong), he seems to be quite commonly referred as “he”… Hmmm… “God works in mysterious ways” - it seems…