Fashionably late

Oh joy! Summer has arrived upon us and NYC is already boiling hot on the first day of the beautiful season.

And as New Yorkers basically appreciate the city’s weather only 2 days a year (1 day in the spring and perhaps 1 day in the fall), the seasonal rumor of complains has already started. The most recurrent and somewhat funny ones are in office spaces as two opposite teams are competing:

  • men constantly complaining it is too hot, and

  • women keeping their jackets, hoodies, cardigans on as the AC has been set to 60 degrees and for some reasons always seems to be broken so the temperature cannot be changed.

In some respect, and without considering fashion, nature has been playing around with human beings, probably just for a laugh: Men tend to have more hair keeping them warm while women tend to spot and extract relentlessly anything looking like it. As a consequence, men are inevitably hotter than women all year round. Which is kinda convenient during the winter time as there is nothing nicer for a woman than getting cosy in a man’s arms while watching snowflakes falling. 

During the summer, the debate heats up (quite literally) as these differences in body temperatures increase. And one argument that comes into play is often the fact men don’t have that many choices when it comes to outfits. Which I somewhat agree with. And don’t.

First of all, this is surely not women’s fault if guys tend to consider that wearing a shirt made of some light fabric make them look gay. Let’s be clear: this is a men’s thing - women have NEVER set such a ridiculous rule. As a matter of fact, I think ladies would surely appreciate seing guys wearing nicer looking shirts than the eternal plain cotton ones guys wear all-year round.

Second, while I get the point of wearing some form of undershirt during the winter to keep warm, why keeping it when it is 100 degrees out? Why keeping on complaining it is too hot, telling women they can cover up if cold while men can’t take off their damn undershirt to get cooler? I heard the other day the reason behind it: it is not nice to feel their sweaty shirt on the delicate skin of their backs (apparently) - BUT feeling it from their undershirt while not wearing the latter would surely make them sweat less, is perfectly acceptable? Why men have never been thinking that - like many women do carry their heels in their bag - they could surely bring an extra clean shirt with them if they happen to be sweating a lot? I am aware I am pretty blonde but there is something there I am not sure to fully understand.

As if it is a question of being comfortable - do men even consider than being freezing cold and having to walk outside when it is 100 degrees to warm up because the office’s AC is ridiculously low, is comfortable? Because hang on a minute - when it comes to being uncomfortable in their own skin, I think women already have their fair share without complaining.

So pleeeeeeeease, leave the AC alone for a minute and let women be warm for one day during the summer - besides, the skirts might just get shorter, what man would complain about that?