I am better at writing than talking. I am better at taking pictures than giving endless descriptions.

There would be so many things to mention about this trip and so few words to express what is in my mind. Anyways, I don’t even know where I could start.

I discovered so much, in such a short amount of time – this was the sort of experience that shows you school taught you very little after all.

- I climbed a volcano on which cactuses grow.

- Baby turtles are as cheeky and playful as any other baby animal (they climb on top of one another, bite each other’s limbs etc).

- If the mosquitoes of San Cristobal were Christian, I am sure they had their Eastern lunch on my upper left arm.

- As per its name, Ecuador is precisely a place where the concept of season is a bit complicated.

- Panama hats are actually produced in Ecuador (in other words, I bought one).

- I actually do like birds now but still have a problem with any hen-related ones – as a matter of fact, my Ecuadorian family had a chicken (Porchita was its name but it was clearly not responding to it) as a “pet”, and I had trouble putting up with it.

- 3-Leches cake is an official favourite from now on.

- Giant turtles are supposedly living for about 150 years as they sexually mature when they are 20 years old but nobody is actually sure about that.

- I love plantains and banana tree trunks look like cardboards once cut (am I making any sense?).

- Baby sea lions are definitely the cutest babies ever but cannot be touched otherwise their mother will let them die.

- I don’t get sea sick – in a boat, like in any other form of transport, I sleep.

- Sea lions and iguanas always seem to be posing for people to take pictures of them.