Back to the future II

Me (- 25 years): Psss, psss… Hey you! This is you. You know, when you were little.

Me (now): Yeah… I recognize you - what do you want?

Me (- 25 years): I just wanted to check how you were doing - you are a tough one to find you know… Have been exploring time and space and shit to find you. I wanted to know more about your past/my future and try to avoid bad things to get a better future. What would you recommand me to watch out to have a better life than yours?

Me (now): …?

Me (- 25 years): Com’on! Gimme a few tips!

Me (now): I could. But I am not sure I want to.

Me (- 25 years): WHY!??? That’s not fair!

Me (now): If you have to be me, you have to deal with all the shit that goes with it - being a chicken all the time, scared of everything, but NEVER be a coward and run away.

Me (- 25 years): Are you kidding me? I spent years looking for you and that’s all you have to say?

Me (now): …

Me (- 25 years): FUCK YOU!!! You could have a bit of compassion for me who will live again all the crap you have been through! 

Me (now): In the meantime, what I have been through made me who I am - so I don’t know up until when I could tell you how to avoid things as you would anyway become someone pretty different.

Me (- 25 years): Life sucks.

Me (now): Arf, I could have told you that one actually…