Lift spirit - literally

To clarify something a lot of people might not realize - the French accent might sound sweet to an English speaker’s ear, the other way round works just as well. Especially when one can remember a rather complex expression that entered the English dictionary in French and get mentioned at some random stage in a conversation at the moment you expect it the least.

A bit of context: I discovered - en français the expression I am referring to very recently: L’esprit d’escalier to actually discover this could be also used in the US and could be understood as it belongs to the English dictionary too. (And what a pleasant thing to hear than an American person using that expression…) To clarify very quick: L’esprit d’escalier is the after thought you get once a conversation is over and that you missed the opportunity to come up with a very good line (literally: spirit/mind of the staircase).

As a matter of fact, I am extremely good at it but realized the other day that given the heights of most New York’s buildings, I actually get this ‘after thoughts’ more often in an elevator than in an actual staircase… Having said that, the usage of the elevator itself inspring more the idea of going up and down in a fast manner, I guess having an ‘Esprit d’ascenseur’ would probably more suggest the idea of someone having restless, ever changing thoughts rather than the regret to have missed a good comeback.

Whether à propos or not here is more info about this Escalating spirit expression:’escalier