Ustensisly Useless

As you probably all noticed, the Xmas run just makes us all enjoy each others company as lot of people seem to have decided to go and do their Xmas shopping at the same time as you, and you and you, and me too. So this time for lots of us to get back to pre-historic times and go hunting… For the perfect presents for mum, dad, sista and bro, the cat of our neighbour, the baby of the in-laws we cannot stand, the Secret Santa for the office Xmas party etc.

And this year, I am delighted to announce that my sisters decided to go both for the same present of a highly glamourous standard… A Cake slicer… Yes, they took a few courses with Posh Beck to have such a nice idea…

The thing is that a cake slicer is actually called in French “Pelle à tarte” (litt. Tart shovel -I am not joking!-, well, this is actually no more than a tart server). And they both told me this at different time so I could not even manage to get them both for cheaper!

Well anyway, the point of this story is that actually, in France, we have cake servers but no cake slicers, so it serves but it does not cut… And the thing is that it is called Tart server because it cannot carry a piece of cake. Indeed the low level of stability of such a delicate (and proprotionally expensive) piece of stainless steel cannot guarantee you can transport to a plate anything higher than 1 inch

And as Brits have indeed a far more practical mind than stupid arrogant Frenchies, I even found a cake slicer that can cut, serve and even sing! (Idon’t really think it looks nice, but hey! It does the job) 4 songs are selected such as Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas… Which could be able to make me forgive the British for having created Mince Pies and the Christmas Pudding!

“Bigger the piece of cake is, bigger the chances are that the piece falls down badly on its way to the plate.” - Murphy’s Law