As everyone is asking me about the question -how is it going for that French dude? Are all Frenchies like that?

Quick recap on the situation - not being necessarily a big fan of the man himself, I must admit he was probably the most serious competitor of Sarkozy for the Presidential elections next year. His arguably left heart but clearly right approach when it was coming to finances could have somehow got France out of the crisis and to some extend rescued Europe of the spiraling problems it is currently facing (or not, we will actually never find out now). In other words, his downfall is a tad suspect to me.

As a matter of fact, DSK has never been hiding the fact he likes ladies a tad too much and one of his affairs already got public a few years ago. He is actually not the only one as a lot of French politicians are actually renowned for that (I am always surprise to see they have time for that when you consider the state of the country - but so does Berlusconi so perhaps power is a libido booster, better than any Viagra pills). Anyways, in France, you may be a ladies’ man, it won’t jeopardize your career (it would be interested to investigate on the other way round - a female politician collecting affairs… Hmmm. Neither in the US by the way when you consider the happy ending of the Levinsky story after all.)

Back to the current story - no need to be a financial analyst to realize that the victim will get a lot of money no matter how this trial ends with the media coverage it received. So if it was actually a trap and someone needed to be an accomplice, it surely did not need to be her - and in some respect it was kinda crucial it was not her to keep her testimony sincere. Besides, from what I have heard and understood of the story, it would not be a surprise if some of her managers got their palms happily greased - as it does not seem that normal for a hotel of such a high standard that a cleaning lady could be doing her job by herself while a customer is in the premises, taking a shower, and even less likely when the customer in question is the person running the MFI. Considering all the strict rules regarding cleaning times in high end hotels etc, would a Guinean cleaning lady really take the risk to loose her job by doing her duty regardless of these rigid rules unless she has been told so? In other words, it seems there are a few too many coincidences in the story to be just a matter of bad luck for this young woman.

Having said that, first things first: before being French, I am a woman. And for what I have understood, whether this was a trap of not, there has been some form of sexual violence towards this person who - regardless of the money she may eventually get, will probably never help her get over the trauma she has been through (and I want to insist on the fact that even in New York, there are things that money can’t buy). As a woman, I know how fragile and weak one may feel in front of someone threatening and clearly stronger than you are - and in spite of his age, DSK belongs to the type of man that can clearly use his rather large hands to be persuasive. And this kind of behavior, regardless of the power, money or whatever else this person may possess is just downright unacceptable and show that this man was clearly not a good candidate for presidency in a country that pretends to be protecting the basic human rights.

France got really shocked by this story as the presumption of innocence (that my motherland deeply cherishes and that forbids medias to publish pictures of someone with handcuffs up until he has been pronounced guilty - moreso when this person is a highly regarded politician) is a key point of the legal system. In some respect, I understand and respect it - but as this article was very cleverly mentioning (sorry, in French), as much as the person accused should be considered innocent up until the verdict, what gives consequently anyone the right to consider that the victim is lying by default? I must admit being wondering about what I think is the most important between the two and where the balance should be actually set. If anyone has an idea, I am interested.