Pain in the xxx

Ok, ok, I am a bit late on this… Since I noticed this last August when I went back to my beloved country.
I mean, everyone noticed already that all magazines tend to have the same subject coming over and over again according to the season. At the moment, the main line is detoxing and sales before the new fashion collections then the un-missable spring diets to avoid the bikini panic in June, etc.

I have not noticed in England since Brits are definitely not talking about the subject so much, but in France, August is actually the month dedicated to SEX (with caps, I might get more hits!). This might also explain why the peak time for births in France is May (i.e. conception time in August*).

Then last August, I found a rather famous art magazine with a quite straight-forward title for its summer issue: Art et Sexe (in French, please!). So first of all, a bit of originality in finding a headline does not kill anyone so next time, something a bit more original would be appreciated, even if indeed, not every art magazine can be proud of having an editor having published her sexual fantasies (i.e. Catherine Millet).

Since it seems that it is fashionable to publish and talk about vibrators and other sex toys (FYI: le god is French for vibrator, I am not kidding!), I investigated a little on the web to find out how it looked and the result was actually far to be… turning on. Since I have to confess, the web is not only an easy playground for watching big boobs online… Lingerie websites are actually playing quite well the game on Google to get hits since the sexual vocabulary is apparently the most often keyed for research. I also discovered (and this is the scary part really) that the web was a famous place for watching anonymous’ sexual lives. Monique and Raymond’s websites (I did my research mainly in France, hence de French names), practicing on a regular bases wife swapping during their spare time and occasional streakers are everywhere if you are unfortunate to do a typo on a URL (you can do it consciously or not, this is none of my business)… Either on MySpace or other weblogs, people can’t get enough of explaining what’s going on once their bedrooms doors are shut, either in words, photos, videos, webcam, live or not. So it seems that what used to be intimate is happily shared nowadays with perfect strangers…

I am not criticizing it (for once, I am not complaining! Enjoy!) since after all, people do whatever they want and no one is forced to read what is on the web anyway. But the other day, I actually found a paragraph in a paper explaining that an old lady has been found dead by electrocution while she was apparently using a vibrator (still in her hand I suppose, to pretend such a thing really), I was not too sure if I should have cried or laughed…

*My birthday is in May so I am the result of a rather naughty nap! Ahah!

“If the word arse is in a sentence, even really beautiful, the audience will hear only that word.” - Jules Renard