German beds

It might be due to my job but observing trends and decoration details when travelling in various places is something I like to indulge in.

I was in Germany for the Holidays and got confirmation on something I had observed in the past in German households: in any given double size bed (at hotels, at my in-laws or at friends), you will have TWO single size comforters - while in most other countries, one large comforter does the trick. While I somewhat see the point to optimize heat, I also find it rather odd as warming up against the person you decide to share a bed with is one of the perks of not sleeping alone.

Fun fact: Germany has seen its population decline consistently for quite some time now as not enough babies are born (or should I say ‘made’ in that context). Coincidence? I don’t think so. It may be the French in me talking but honestly: how do you expect people to have sex if the logistic of getting cozy under the sheets requires to figure out a double comforter situation? 

Aurelie DesmasComment