Like everyone as a child, I was contemplating and longing for the time I would be a grown-up - what I would do, wear, etc. For some reasons, drinking chocolate milk at age 32 was not quiet part of the picture - and yet, I must admit having a little bit of a sweet tooth for this reassuring beverage.

While discussing this with some co-workers today, I realized I was actually a bit of an exception. But maybe not so much. The reason why I think that is that last winter, I remember one morning having stopped by a drugstore to purchase one of these mini-bottles of ready-made chocolate milk to happily sip on my way to work. Right outside the store, as I was waiting for the little man to turn green and cross the street, I looked around without thinking and realized the very well-dressed gentleman standing next to me - also in his late 20's, early 30's was holding the very same bottle. I remember smiling at this funny coincidence and cannot remember if indeed he noticed it as well.

While telling this story, I was told today that this could actually be an interesting TV spot to advertise the brand in question. To be honest, I think probably a lot of adults do still drink chocolate milk every now and again - the fact it is not advertised could therefore be an interesting angle to dig into.

Drink for thoughts


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