Very anecdotic post today as I got finally time to write again. 

Over the course of my first summer in NYC - I remember having noticed something rather unusual that seems to disappear as years go by - water drops when entering places, shops and other buildings - even when the sky looks and is effectively dry.

As soon as the summer starts in the Big Apple, Air Conditioning units come back at full-speed to refresh heated New Yorkers who tend to dislike heat as much as cold. As everyone knows, the US is not an example of 'Green attitude' and one can see blossoming throughout the city, window AC that while they cool down people's interiors, happily discharge the energy and heat spent in the already warm streets. As any form of engine, it produces water that also need to be evacuated. New units available seem to maintain a pretty efficient way to do so - but that rather delicate system turns out to be the first one to display signs of wear and tear and release water quiet early on in the life cycle of an AC unit. 

This is why, often, while in the city, you enter a store, someone's place, a bar and you get on your forehead quiet unexpectedly drops of water coming from an AC unit a few flights up.  While somewhat efficient at cooling, I tend to always wonder how clean that water can possibly - which make me shiver and run to the first bathroom as soon as I possibly can. 

Speaking of dirt, I created recently a new section in my photography website based on personal work and adventures I finally dare to show. One of them is named 'Pretty dirty' and collects pictures of various elements taken in a dirty, decaying environment. I am still questioning where this will take me but your comments are most welcome.


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