Leibster Awarded

While I was planning to write something about my recent trip, I realized when I logged in a dear friend of mine -  also blogger Mark Lord - http://marktedlord.wordpress.com/ -  tagged me on a post for a Leibster Award. Not a fancy physical award but rather a online viral blogging award, that exists since 2010 and that may help bringing traffic (or not, but after all I do not care that much). Below are the details to get it together - and more so, thank you very much Mark for your continuous support throughout all these years I have been lucky to have you as a friend.


The rules to adhere for the Leibster are:

1. Thank the blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked by the nominator and post 11 questions to ask your nominees.

3. Display the Leibster Award badge.

4. No tag back

I actually do not read that many blogs around so my own list of nominees will be rather short :)  

Estelle Vonfeldt - http://www.deathofderrick.com/

Roger Kapsi - http://blog.kapsi.de/blog/

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I actually think 11 random facts is a tad too long so I will answer Mark's and pass along the same ones (I am a lazzy cow indeed).

1. What is your earliest lingering memory? - being sitting on my grand'ma's lap while she was watching her old black and white TV. I remember asking her why her TV did not have colors and why she could not walk - I could not quiet figure out back then which one of the two saddened her the most. I was about 3.

2. Is there a person from History you admire more than any other and if so, why do you admire them? Even if not so old and not part of History just yet, I would probably say Benazir Bhutto and Simone Veil. Both politicians I don't necessarily fully agree on the political front but both admirable as they dared to raise their voices in very patriarcal governments at a time when women were not admitted. They both fought for Human Rights in their countries, that obviously included women rights and managed to get their point across in a diplomatic way to help mentalities evolve. There are probably many more but these two come up now.

3. Do you have a hobby that is unrelated to your work? And if so, what is it? - photography. No secret here.

4. How many houses have you lived in, including your current? - 11 and about to move to a 12th soon. 

5. How do you think you might fair on University Challenge? - not bad actually. I used to watch it back in London. Outside of the regular TV related, super pop-culture question, I can do surprisingly well.

6. Is there another time in History you’d like to live ? When would it be and why? - All France-related as this is the history I know the best: French Revolution, the Nouvelle Vague or May 68. All have somewhat a revolutionary flavor and I guess I quiet like the idea of significant change.

7. How long do you spend on the net per day? - given it is part of my job, I would say a good 10 hours if included time at home.

8. If you could run your country, what would be the first act of your Premiership? - what country would be the first question. USA? Ban weapons of all sorts and make it a federal law. France? Get the gay marriage through once and for all and lock up the freaks demonstrating against it for homophobia. I feel quiet ashamed to see that this law has been so difficult to go through and what the reactions have been.

9. Do you have a favourite record? If so, which is it? - The Bend by Radiohead. Best of all times.

10. Who has been the biggest influence on your life so far? - My grand dad. 

11. Why do you blog? - to be read (obviously) and not loose what I write.