A rather light post today as I finished my Spring cleaning. Every year, I must admit being rather astonished by the rather cheeky behavior of spoons. Whether at work or at home, one must admit this little appliances have something somewhat somewhere the cunning tendency to disappear God knows where. Magic tricks? Taste for adventure and travel?  In spite of living by myself yet I cannot possibly explain why every year, when doing my yearly cleaning, I discover a few of then are missing. In our world of disposable goods, I would imagine that spoon's weight being rather light and tiny, one can easily confuse them with a plastic version and throw it in the bin by mistake. Thing is, I never order in and I don't think a plastic spoon ever made it in my kitchen. 

In some respect, I can only imagine there is some sort of alliance between spoons and socks who also tend to divorce without any warning when cleanly paired up in the drawers or abruptly getting separated when about to enter the washing machine.

As you all know my love for animalistic analogy, let's just say that socks actually don't like to be itemized by two, neither spoons enjoy to be part of a herd, tribe, bunch - you name it.

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