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Gauloises, mon amour

As apparently the cigarette is about to be banished in a country where everyone is supposed to smoke (I am obviously taking about France), I have to write a little note about it, as I have to confess, even if I am considered as an “occasional” smoker, I never miss an opportunity to light one up since I have started.

You can all take a deep breath (either if you smoke or don’t), by July, 1st, the cigarette will be banished in the UK as well, but the British ministry of health has been indeed kind enough to wait until the hot days to kick the smokers out of the pub… Thank you for your sympathy towards people who are giving so much money to the government (as long as they are young enough for not getting a cancer yet)…

I cannot really say that the idea of not being allowed to smoke anywhere anymore is making me jump all over the place. And when people ask me if I think about quitting I have to admit that this idea never crossed my mind since I have started, almost 9 years ago already… By this time (once upon a time almost) I was 17 so what we can qualify of a “really late starter” (in France, the average for starting is about 15). But even if I have to confess that I am dying for a cigarette with my coffee when I go to the restaurant with my parents, I really appreciate not smelling cigarette when I got back home afterwards. Cause my guilty pleasure of lighting up a fag does not work with my laziness which makes that I hate even putting my clothes in the washing machine… (Absolute contradiction, I know). So I am looking forward to receiving your point of view about the question guys… And let me know how it feels to give up on smoking in places where you have been used to smoke for so long, and how it is to get your half of beer (I am targeting people living in France, just a reminder) without lighting one up…

“When we light up a cigarette on the platform of the underground or at a bus stop, it always makes it turn up.” - (Murphy’s law)