Credit Photo: Rick Poston



Born in Saint-Nazaire, France, in 1981. Currently lives and works in New York City.

Education: 2003 - Master of visual arts with honors, specialized in Digital photography - main subject: performing artists (dancers, singers, musicians, contemporary artists). Rennes 2 University, France.

After graduating, her work continued to evolve around performers as she worked for Soundcrash Productions in London, as a live concert photographer from 2005 until 2009.

Her work then radically changed subject as she travelled to Galápagos Islands in 2011 to be more oriented towards nature and wildlife. Her current body of work is reflective of that shift as it also meets today's contemporary concerns over sustainability and eco-friendliness, subjects closed to her heart.

Another common thread in Aurélie's work' is to capture most of the time only one animal, one tree, illustrating a certain idea of uniqueness and solitude. When asked about this, she responds: "My photographs are not precisely capturing loneliness but rather uniqueness of the subjects so it looks like I capture loneliness somehow. What I am after is the subject's true essence: two animals, two trees, even of the same species all look alike to a human's eyes. But they are all different. As a matter of fact, people do recognize their own dog or cat if they happen to loose them because of something special about their ear, or their eye simply because of the emotional bond and the fact they took time to really look at it closely. I like the idea of portraying a lama or an oak tree on its own. I think nature is beautiful enough, anything deserves to be the subject of a portrait. Now regarding loneliness, it might be unconscious on my part but I see why people get that impression." 


Aurélie also founded a decoration and Feng Shui practice, Maison KoduZen in 2016 while continuing her education at the New School with a certificate in Architecture and Interior Design.


Exhibition: Galápagos - from October 2011 until April 2012 at 224 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY

Publications: Galápagos, wildlife pictures, April 2011 (available for purchase, ask for details).